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Abstract Energy needs in Indonesia keep experiencing an increase in every year. The household sector is one of the users of energy in the form of a large amount of gas. The Central Government is developing renewable sources of energy that come from livestock waste such as biogas. But the... more
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ABSTRACT Indonesia as an agricultural country where the majority of the population works in the agricultural sector (BPS data in 2017 is 35 million people). But unfortunately the production is not comparable with the number of workers, it can be proven from the amount of rice imports from... more
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Pada penyelenggaraan KMHE 2019 di Universitas Negeri Malang, Tim Apatte 62 UB berhasil menjadi yang terbaik di kategori Prototipe Diesel dan Kategori Urban Etanol. Sementara di kategori Urban Listrik berhasil menjadi Juara 3. Untuk kategori Prototipe Diesel, yang diwakili oleh Tim Apatte Elang... more