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 In effort to expand cooperation with overseas university, Department of Mechanical Engineering received a visit from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) Taiwan. In the visit, NCTU was represented by Associate Professor Chen-Sheng Huang from Department of Mechanical Engineering, NCTU. NCTU expressed their intent to tie cooperation with Department of Mechanical Engineering UB primarily in offering […]

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Air Conditioning (AC) has become the main accessories on the vehicle to improve driving comfort. However, as long as the AC system works by a vapor compression system, it will take power from the engine to drive the compressor and increases fuel consumption by 21-53%. Meanwhile, the LPG-fueled vehicle provides potential direct refrigeration from LPG […]

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With a dissertation entitled Porous Composite of Corn Husk Fiber as Sound Absorber Materials, Nasmi Herlina Sari successfully earned her Doctorate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Material Concentration. Located at the Meeting Room of Mechanical Engineering Department. Ir ING Wardhana M Eng PhD as the chairman of the session awarded Dr. Nasmi with Predicate Cum laude. […]

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering confirmed Musa Bondaris Palungan as a new Doctor of Manufacturing Materials, Monday (8/May/2017). Took a dissertation entitled The Effect of King Pineapple Leaf Fiber (Agave Cantala Roxb) Fumigated Towards the Fiber-Epoxy Matrix Compatibility Dr. Moses managed to get a title of sangat memuaskan. In his dissertation, the lecturer of the […]

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We may be familiar with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. But what about the 6-stroke engine? The technology being developed by  Manufacturing Processing Laboratory (UB) is said to be more powerful and environmentally friendly. Lecturer Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB), Dr. Eng. Eko Siswanto, ST., MT., Is developing the 6-stroke engine […]

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Ir. Ali Mundakir, Dpl.Eng., M.Eng and Ir. Singgih Prayitno Visit UB Faculty of Engineering (FT-UB) to give a guest lecture entitled “Indonesian Geothermal Energy Prospects”, on Thursday (23/Feb/2017). Students cross force from related department enthusiastically welcome the two experts who also is Alumnae of FT-UB. In this Guest Lecture, the Dean and Vice Dean for General […]

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