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We may be familiar with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. But what about the 6-stroke engine? The technology being developed by  Manufacturing Processing Laboratory (UB) is said to be more powerful and environmentally friendly. Lecturer Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB), Dr. Eng. Eko Siswanto, ST., MT., Is developing the 6-stroke engine in the last four years. The machine is still a prototype. Eko modify the 4-stroke engine of 1970s Honda CB 125cc.

At first glance, it seems that there is no major change from the machine. Although in fact, Eko has changed the cylinder head of the machine up to 6-stroke capacity. This 47-year-old man revealed, 6-stroke engine should have been able to replace the existence of 2-stroke engine or 4-stroke. The old technology machine is considered wasteful of fuel. In the world of machinery, the 6-stroke engine is actually not a strange thing. Scientists from various countries are also developing a 6-stroke engine.

The engine developed by Eko is slightly different. “The first generation of 6-stroke engine that has been developed is still wasteful of fuel. Because it is not utilizing injection technology yet,” said the father of three children.

The 6-stroke machine which is widely developed abroad is using two fuels, diesel and water. Meanwhile, the engine developed by Eko uses only one type of fuel, which is gasoline. “The invention of this engine already uses one type of energy, does not require synchronization process. So, the machine can work well. The use of fuel can also be efficient about 20 percent,” said the October 17, 1970 man born.

Later, Eko also began to try out fossil fuel replacement, biofuel like ethanol. That way, Eko’s 6-stroke engine is more environmentally friendly. Creating an environmentally friendly machine has become Eko’s dream. In fact, the idea of making an environmentally-friendly 6-stroke motorcycle engine has emerged since he was a 20 years old student. “At that time I thought, the 4-stroke engine is more efficient and powerful. Then, how about 6-stroke engine?” he thought.

Logically, the 6-stroke engine should have been better, in any case. But, afterwards, Eko’s idea seemed to evaporate. Until in 2013, Eko started a research and development of 6-stroke engine. Concerning the concept, there is no problem. Eko encountered obstacles only when applying it to the Honda CB 125 cc engine. Because, it’s not an easy thing to change the 4-stroke engine to 6-stroke. He must change the cylinder head. In his early experiments, Eko had trouble turning the engine. It confused him for months.

Until finally, he found something to be changed on the ignition system. Although so far, the 6-stroke machine he build has been as expected. In fact, the concept of 6-stroke engine that he created not only can be applied to motorcycles. “I also got many input to use this machine for helicopters,” said the man who is domiciled in Singosari. Furthermore, Eko stated, his 6-stroke machine has been patented, with the patent number 000040589. He also opens the door for any party who wants to apply the engine. Whether it’s for a motorcycle, or a helicopter. “But for the price of the machine, we have not specified it yet. Because we just made it for the laboratory scale,” added Eko.

In the meantime, Pradana Putra, one of Eko’s students involved in the 6-stroke engine research, admits that he is looking for alternative fuels. Later, he mixed fossil fuels (for example gasoline) with ethanol. “The goal is actually, for this machine to use biofuel,” he said. (Radar Malang/mic/Humas FT)