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Ir. Ali Mundakir, Dpl.Eng., M.Eng and Ir. Singgih Prayitno Visit UB Faculty of Engineering (FT-UB) to give a guest lecture entitled “Indonesian Geothermal Energy Prospects”, on Thursday (23/Feb/2017). Students cross force from related department enthusiastically welcome the two experts who also is Alumnae of FT-UB.

In this Guest Lecture, the Dean and Vice Dean for General Administration and Finance were present to give a speech. “Energy is a global issue that is very important in the progress of the nation and our competitiveness in the international world. Progress and development of energy-related technology in Indonesia will be leaned on your shoulder, the future technocrats,” said the Dean for students.

The first speaker who was giving the guest lecture is Ir Mundakir Ali, the Director of Pertamina on Geothermal field. He talks about Indonesia potential as one of the countries which passed by the world’s longest volcanic belt. This makes the potential of geothermal power plants in Indonesia quite large, and it will a pity if it’s not utilized.

“In the other country they have to drill first, here we even have natural geothermal bursts that can be utilized,” he said.

In his presentation, Ir. Singgih Prayitno describes the technology related to the development of geothermal potential. This Construction Manager at PT. Rekayasa Industri Indonesia discusses what kind of technology required and should be developed in the future related to this alternative energy.

A similar message conveyed by both speakers that the development of Indonesian geothermal potential absolutely needs engineers. In addition to courses related to the environment to map potential geothermal areas such as Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Architecture, and Urban & Regional Planning, in its development, it required engineers competence in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Chemical Engineering.

It was greeted enthusiastically by questions from the students before it finally closed with a guest lecture vandal submission and group photos. (emis/mic)