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With a dissertation entitled Porous Composite of Corn Husk Fiber as Sound Absorber Materials, Nasmi Herlina Sari successfully earned her Doctorate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Material Concentration. Located at the Meeting Room of Mechanical Engineering Department. Ir ING Wardhana M Eng PhD as the chairman of the session awarded Dr. Nasmi with Predicate Cum laude.

There is an increasing need for safe, environmentally friendly, and sustainable materials for use in sound absorption applications. A readily available source of the material is the waste produced by cornhusk processing. Corn Husk Fiber (CHF) provides new hope for cellulose fibers and competes with other cellulose fibers and synthetic fibers in terms of their best properties.

However, with all these advantages, CHF are adversely affected by moisture, heat, microbes, and natural decomposition. Everything can be reduced by chemical treatment, but this raises the question as to how the process effects on the nature of the sound absorption of the material. This study aims to obtain the acoustic properties of CFC panels from a strong and environmentally friendly CHF.


Based on the results of this study can be recommended that the work of this experiment provides the availability of data that CHF can compete with other cellulose and synthetic fibers in its best properties. Alkali treatment not only helped protects the fiber physically and keeps the shape of the panels but also improves the acoustic absorption properties of the panels. All samples used in this study are potential to be used as sound absorbing material.

She also strongly recommends the use of CHF for the automotive industry because of its good absorbing low frequency noise. This is in accordance with wind noise, tires, roads, conversations, and running engine for vehicles.

In the opening session, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Mataram Yusron Saadi ST MSc PhD also congratulated one of his lecturers. The event closes with a group photo with family and colleagues. (emis/mic)