The new student recruitment of PDITM is held every year before the start of the new school year, where new student enrollment usually begins in February through July online through website. The recruitment process is conducted simultaneously with all S3 study programs available in FTUB, and implemented by the FTUB New Student Admissions Committee established by SK Dean of FT.
PDITM is for students who have a suitable educational background, have high academic ability, and have a strong spirit and character to become a scientist / doctor who is able to develop science and technology through research activities. Thus the student can be an important part in achieving the vision, mission, and goals of PDITM, and the goal of graduating into a competent and productive Doctorate.
The requirements of the new student candidate of PDITM consists of two types of qualifications:

  1. Academic and administrative requirements.
  2. Personal qualification and readiness as a Doctorate candidate.

Academic and administrative requirements consist of three things.

  1. Requirements of academic education background
  2. Administrative requirements
  3. Capacity of study program capacity

In accordance with Kepmendikbud 212 / U / 1999, prospective students who can be accepted in the doctoral program is a graduate of a master’s program in a field or not a field with the field of his doctoral program, and graduates of Bachelor degree programs in a field or not a field. Therefore PDITM open new student registration to prospective students as follows.

  1. Graduate of master degree program in Mechanical Engineering
  2. Graduates of master degree S2 tech program is not a field such as: Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Shipping Techniques, Agricultural Technology, and others
  3. Graduate degree program in Mechanical Engineering (Fast Track Program)

Particularly for prospective students of doctoral education program must have a Master degree of Engineering in the field or not or Bachelor of Engineering in a field with a selected program in Doctoral Program of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya, has a GPA (Grade Point Average) ≥ 3.50 (on a scale of 0-4) ; Or have a GPA of 3.00 – <3.50 with at least four scientific papers (journals, books, proseding or the like) as well as recommendations from persons with known expertise. Prospective students of the doctoral education program are required to make a draft dissertation research plan that will be taken while taking doctoral education program. Another academic requirement is that prospective students must have a TPA certificate held by BAPPENAS with minimum score of 400, and have a minimum TOEFL score score of 500 / IB TOEFL of at least 60 / IELTS of at least 5.5.
Other administrative requirements that must be fulfilled at the time of registration include application letter, copy of diploma, academic transcript, recommendation from previous counselor, permission of superior for those who have worked, doctor certificate, photograph, registration fee and others. All these requirements are listed on the PDITM student registration brochure.

Especially for students from abroad should have a diploma and the amount of credit equivalent to S2 and have a TOEFL English equivalent certificate with a minimum score of 500 / IB TOEFL minimum 60 / IELTS minimum 5.5.
The Doctoral Program of Special Education (fast track) is a strata 3 (S3) educational program aimed at obtaining the highest academic degree for undergraduate or undergraduate students with exceptional or exceptional academic potential and intellectual potential.

Requirements for applicants from the Undergraduate Program are as follows:

  1. Graduated from BAN accredited university and accredited program with rank A.
  2. Derived from a field of study / science field.
  3. Candidate must be graduated with cumlaude predicate with a study period of not more than 4 (four) years and 3 (three) months, or predicate very satisfactory with GPA> 3.75 with a study duration of not more than 5 (five) years and already has 1 (one) Publication of international scientific journals in the appropriate field of science.
  4. Must take enrichment / stabilization education program for at least 1 (one) semester and graduate with GPA> 3.75

The requirements for applicants from the Master’s Degree Program are as follows:

  1. Has completed all courses (theories), without a thesis, in accordance with the provisions in time not more than 1 (one) year with GPA> 3.75.
  2. At the time of graduate degree program at least predicate very satisfactory with GPA> 3.50 and study period not more than 5 (five) year.
  3. Have valid certificate for Academic Potential Test (TPA) result from authorized institution with score> 500 and English proficiency with TOEFL Internet Based Test (IBT) score> 73
  4. Meet other administrative requirements set by UB Faculty of Engineering PhD Education Program.

Personal qualification and readiness as a Doctorate candidate.
Some of the qualifications required for a doctoral program student are:

  1. Have good intelligence, intellectual attitude and creativity.
  2. Have a great curiosity to find new and innovative in science and technology development.
  3. Have a resilient character, never give up and be patient in solving problems and achieving goals.
  4. Readiness for doctoral education, including readiness in stock and background knowledge, time, cost and mental readiness including family, for those who have a family.