UB Faculty of Engineering has Quality Assurance Group (GJM) and each Department has Quality Assurance Unit (UJM). The position of UJM of Mechanical Engineering Department in UB Quality Assurance organization structure can be seen in the following figure:

The quality assurance system at PDITM is built on a quality assurance policy at the University level. UB Quality Assurance Center (PJM) builds a quality assurance system typical of Universitas Brawijaya model called Academic Quality Assurance System (SPMA). In line with experience of quality assurance cycle implementation in UB, from 2010 until now the quality assurance system of UB is called Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI). This system incorporates an ISO 9001: 2008, DIKTI and BAN-PT Quality Management System model, with the aim that the system can be flexibly implemented in a variety of purposes, so that the system is efficient and effective and can be used in internal and external quality assurance (national / BAN PT and international eg ISO).

While the Main Duty and Function of Quality Assurance Unit include:

  1. Establish academic quality standards at department level;
  2. Conduct system audits and compliance audits on a regular basis;
  3. Submit audit report result with its recommendation in writing to the Head of Department;
  4. Monitor, evaluate, and conduct an analysis of the follow-up to the implementation of approved recommendations