Posted in 14 Feb 2019
IKA FT-UB organized a 16-Hour Project Management Training for graduates and lecturers of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Brawijaya University from 7-8 February 2019. The training was attended by 37 (thirty-seven) trainee consisted of 30 (thirty) graduates and 7 (seven) lecturers. Took place... more
Posted in 31 Jan 2019
In a ceremony held in Widyaloka, Prof. Dr. Ir. Wahyono Suprapto, M.T., Met. officially appointed as the 245th Professor of Brawijaya University in the Metal Casting Science on January 30, 2019. In his inaugural speech entitled Prospect of Micro Business Aluminum Casting, he put forward the synergy... more
Posted in 31 Jan 2019
 A retirement ceremony has been held in Mechanical Engineering’s main conference room for Ir. Suharto, MT on 29 January 2019. His retirement was due in 30 November 2018 after 36 (thirty six) year of service. The ceremony was attended by Engineering Faculty’s leaders and all faculty members... more