Written on 19 December 2017 , by mesin , in category News

As one of programs in 55th Dies Natalis of Brawijaya University in campus, in Thursday and Friday of 7th and 8th December 2017, students of Mechanical Engineering Department, coordinated by HMM, held Oil Change and Engine Tune Up program for 1600 motorcycles. At the first day, they served 800 motorcycles and also for the second day they serve same amount of motorcycles. The lubricants available for the program were Enduro Fastron and Enduro Matic from PT Pertamina Lubricants. The program was supervised by Ir. Ari Wahyudi, MT and Agung Sugeng Widodo, ST., MT., PhD.

PT Pertamina Lubricants sponsored this program as they participated in the Dies Natalis and also to promote their products of synthetic lubricants especially for motorcycles to costumers. The products, especially Enduro Fastron and Enduro Matic G were proven synthetic lubricants. Their quality surpassed qualification in their class. Several parameters to proof were maximum compression level caused by friction guard function of the lubricant for components in combustion chamber, oxidation resistance, ability to avoid deposit, and smooth gear shifting.

Enduro Matic G SAE 20W-40 is optimized for lubrication of four stroke motorcycles which operated in city and heavy traffic condition and static. For this objective, the lubricants has higher viscosity rate than competitor to maintain engine temperature of motorcycles. The lubricants met the qualification of JASO MB standard, which is Japanese standard for lubricant of automatic for strokes motorcycles. Also, the lubricants qualified for API SL. The Enduro Fastron SAE OW-50 qualified for API service SM category which the highest standard for lubricants in present.

The success of Pertamina Lubriants in producing high performance lubricants cannot be separated from many successful efforts by Pertamina since 1960s. To be focussed in lubricants business, in 2013 PT Pertamina Lubricants was established with objective to strengthened the market share in automotive lubricants. The lubricants were blended in Jakarta, Cilacap and Gresik Blending Plant by using oil from Cilacap and Dumai Refinery. The ambition of PT Pertamina Lubricants is to be 15 leading company in lubricant in the world market.