Written on 19 December 2017 , by mesin , in category News

The department had a visit from students of SMAN 27 Tangerang at Tuesday, 12th December 2017. The visit was intended to closely observe academic and non-academic atmosphere in Brawijaya University, especially in Department of Mechanical Engineering. It was welcomed by Head of Department, Dr. Eng. Nurkholis Hamidi and other lecturers, Rudianto Raharjo, ST., MT. and Redi Bintarto, ST. MEng. Pract.

The students from Banten Provinces was accompanied by Mr. Musli, the Principal of the School, and other teachers. In the visit they got information how about student live in Department of Mechanical Engineering. In this occasion, the student of SMAN 27 Tangerang had enthusiast to ask many question on the correlation between grade (IPK) to chance for the employment, what is SKS and semester and other topics.

In the visit, they had opportunity to have close look at several Laboratories in the Department. In Metal Casting Laboratory they were welcomed by assistant of the lab and had explanation on the facility in the lab. Then, in Laboratory of Manufacturing Automation they had explanation on NC TU-2A and NC TU-3A machine by laboratory assistants. The similar activity also happened in Laboratory of Production Process. In the end of activity, they had photo sessions.

Thank you for the visit and hopefully in the future many alumni of SMAN 27 Tangerang will pursue their higher education in Brawijaya University (syamsul).