Written on 21 December 2017 , by mesin , in category News

Three laboratories in Mechanical Engineering Department of Brawijaya University was awarded funding in Competitive Program for Quality Improvement of Laboratory Relevance by the university. They were Metrology Laboratory, System Design and Engineering Studio, and Manufacturing Automation Laboratory.

The program was intended to support Brawijaya University objective to become more internationally competitive in Asia in 2020 and the world in 2025. To achieve the objective, it is important to improve service quality and academic aspect which include the laboratory service as target. In general, the grant is the way for the university to self-fund in improving laboratory equipment qualitatively and quantity. In the end, the program is directed to improve quality and relevance of Brawijaya University in academic, research, and community service in form of application of science and technology product, and improving laboratory service and resource sharing.

For the program, Industrial Metrology Laboratory under supervision of Ir. Hastono Wijaya, MT has a program in improving the capability in product inspection, and one of the equipment is profile projector which has capability in connecting to computer as they propose. System Design and Engineering Studio under Dr.Eng. Moch. Agus Coiron, ST., MT., will spent the grant to have licenses of Ansys in supporting their program in research and education of design in mechanical. The grant also will make possible to Manufacturing Automation Laboratory under Dr. Ir. A. As’ad Sonief to boost the capability of the lab in research and education in manufacturing automation by making available to them CNC milling which has capability in virtual simulation. (syamsul)