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In Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi (Energy Efficient Cars Contest) (KMHE) 2017 which held by Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) in Kenjeran Circuit, Surabaya on 7-11 November 2017, Apatte 62 Team which fielded 4 teams, i.e. Apatte  62 Brawijaya 1 Team in Urban Diesel category, Apatte 62 Brawijaya 2 Team in Prototype Electric, Apatte  62 Brawijaya 3 Team in Urban Electric, and Apatte  62 Brawijaya 4 Team in Prototype Gasoline was successful in seizing second position in overall category in this annual contest.

Apatte 62 Brawijaya 2 Team which participated in Prototype-electric motor category won the contest with recorded result for 491,7 km/kWh. The winner team consisted of members from undergraduate program under supervision from Dr. Eng. Eko Siswanto, ST. MT. The team members were Muhammad Syifa’udin, Obi Nazari Gusmana, Della Putri Ayu Rohmah, Moh. Wildan Harun A., M. Firdaus Fanani, and Putu Ngurah Riandika W. They outperformed IMEI Team (UMSIDA) and Batavia Elektra Team (UNJ) which seized position 2 and 3.

Meanwhile, for Urban-Electric Motor, Apatte 62 Brawijaya 3 Team held the third position in contest for 144.7 km/kWh. Eventough the achievement was below TITEN EV-3 Team (Unej) and Nogogeni ITS Team 1 (ITS). The tight difference with them, makes the team which membered by Dhio Bagus Prabowo, Tri Tiadi Winarto, Rohfi Lingga Kurniawan, Dana Damara Putra, Tiara Shinta Raharkandi, Abdi Afifuddin Zuhri, and Benedictus Ardian Yogisworo under supervison of Bayu Satria Wardhana, ST., M.Eng. still have an open chance to improve their performance in next edition of KMHE.

Others team, Apatte 62 Brawijaya 1 Team with their members as follows: Andhika Nurdiantono, Ryan Fuadh Habaturrahman, Andi Ikramullah, Bagas Tamtomo, Sugeng Hariyanto, Ariaz Panji Kesuma, and Rachmat Hidayat under supervison Dr. Eng. Sofyan Arief Setyabudi, ST., M.Eng. was awarded for Best Technical Design Report. Apatte 62 Brawijaya 4 Team with their members: Harish Indra Tanarko, Aang Junaidi, Viki Pratama, Imam Mawardhi Maksum, Afrie Setyo Nugroho, Alfian Ringga Nugroho, and Andre Andika and supervised by Dr. Eng. Mega Nur Sasongko, ST., MT. did well in the contest. Congratulations for all teams. Thank you for your efforts in making Mechanical Engineering Department of Brawijaya University be the best in national level.